Base Control Loop Tuning

Process Plants have to continually improve their performance and gain competitive advantage by driving towards goals such as lower cost, higher production rate and improved quality, safety and reliability. The process control system helps the operator have good control on the process as well as improve and drive operations towards optimum.

However in reality Control Loops do not operate in normal modes, oscillationleads toincreased process variability and reduction in plant efficiency.

To ensure the control loop optimization, our base control loop tuning experts help our clients by one time tuning of all the control loops and then implementing real time loop tuning system for sustained performance.

Our experts use the control system and process historian as a window into the process, sorted through the mountains of data, prioritize the loops and use state of the art tools for controller tuning and updates.

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  • Impact of out of tune Base Control Loops
  • Actionable activities around a control loop
  • iOG service offering for Base Control Loop Tuning
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Well Drilling

Oil and gas well drilling is susceptible to several hazards which have the potential to cause injury or harm for people, property and the environment. To prevent accidents and undesired events in drilling operations it is essential to identify, evaluate, assess and control the attendant risks.

Our Drilling experts can provide clients the capability to undertake detailed drilling design as well as the capacity to track, monitor and advice on real time drilling operations. We simulate drilling operations and let our customers know beforehand the challenges prior to starting the actual drilling operation, leading to a substantial reduction in risk and cost of drilling operations.

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  • Well Planning Stages
  • Areas of Well Planning Studies
  • iOG Well Planning & Engineering Services
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Corporate Brochure

What’s inside this guide to Corporate Services?

At iOG Solutions, we work with 4 arms in both the Upstream and Downstream domains. “Implementation” of advanced software technologies in the oil and gas domains is the core competency of iOG solutions.

Our Services

  • • iOGConsult
  • • iOGImplement
  • • iOGStudy
  • • Production Management
  • • iOGTrain

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Downstream Industry Services

What’s inside this guide to Downstream Industry Services?

iOG Solutions for Supply Chain Management:

iOG understands the diversity and complexity of refinery supply chain operations. We help maximize profitability through the following services at various levels through a “best practice” and “best fit” approach using our enriched knowledge and experience in leading software solutions:

  • • Production Planning
  • • Refinery Scheduling
  • • Back-casting / Retro-Analysis
  • • Profit improvement studies
  • • Supply and distribution
  • • SC Integration

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