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Five main focus areas to drive operational excellence in ethylene manufacture:

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Process simulation – Modelling the process with integrated simulators brings broad benefits with respect to yield, quality, energy use, operational costs and process flexibility. The tools help performance tracking of quality critical plant equipment, perform ‘what-if’ scenarios, as well as analysis to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues fast and identify process improvement potential to increase quality via operational changes. In addition, by considering total energy and utility systems, leading energy management software tools helps from design through operation and improves profit margins.

Safety design – steady state and dynamic modelling helps to validate safety systems and evaluate safety performance. Highly efficient safety analysis means engineers can improve workflows and reduce overall project cycle time. Gaining a more accurate view of plant behavior significantly helps engineers to cope under pressure and produce optimal plant safety designs whilst remaining compliant. Dynamic simulation helps create Operator Training Simulator applications that integrate with actual or emulated DCS hardware and control systems. Companies use the models to train control room operators and plant engineers in the process of plant control behavior.

Advanced process control – Innovations in plant control software make APC more intuitive to save energy, improve product quality and to shorten the design through maintenance cycle. From the easier model-build phase, improving model quality and rationalizing data into clear visual context, APC today is significantly less disruptive to operations and less reliant on specialist expertise.

Performance monitoring – ‘You can’t improve what you can’t measure’. Performance monitoring is criticalto driving operational excellence. An effective MES system visualizesprocesses; event and alarm data in a consolidated view, so each user can share data from their production operations. Contextual data can now be viewed alongside process data to provide production teams with the required information to maximize production assets.

Production Planning and Scheduling – Fluctuating feedstock and production costs make it difficult to predict profit margins. To remain competitive, companies need to equip both the experienced and new generation of planners with intuitive, dynamic solutions that integrates and optimizes planning and scheduling across the entire supply chain. Economic analysis of product quality during feedstock planning and scheduling of multi-product plants to minimize quality issues is a high priority. By running more scenarios faster than ever, planners can leverage advanced software to evaluate multiple scenarios simultaneously in a fraction of the time used by traditional methods. In addition, an intuitive scheduling tool simplifies the user experience and streamlines workflows to provide easy access to vital plant data, which schedulers need to achieve process manufacturers’ plans.

Integrated software for chemicals supports cross-functional collaboration through the use of consistent models and data.

Best in class capabilities require companies to:

  • Choose automated solutions with best practices embedded
  • Adopt a model-based business culture
  • Enable new engineers with innovative and integrated tools
  • Standardize across a system of integrated capabilities based on innovative technologies & streamlined processes
  • Solve complex problems with intuitive and advanced tools
  • Provide insights using powerful analytics to make better decisions

iOG Solutions with a strong domain knowledge and with good hands-on knowledge on leading software technologies, has helped its esteemed clients in Middle-East , Europe and India resolve their business challenges and augment their competitive capabilities through iOG’s expert Consulting & Training and Implementation services and has also carried out various profit and performance improvement studies through its Subject-Matter Expertise.

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