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IDEC Conference 2016

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iOG Solutions Pvt. Ltd. presented on the topic of “Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) – An Innovative Technology to Drill Safely reducing Non Productive Time” at India Drilling & Exploration Conference (IDEC) 2016, held on 26 & 27 May, 2016 in Mumbai, India.

Pankaj Zawar, MD, iOG Solutions, presented and delivered a talk on the latest Drilling Technology of Managed Pressure operations.

Mr. Pankaj Zawar Presenting at IDEC - 2016

MPD is winning favour in the industry due to complexity involved in drilling through complex subsurface geological structure at greater depths, narrow pressure window between pore pressure and fracture gradient. Exerting excessive hydrostatic pressure while drilling through such formation could cause formation damage and loss of drilling mud. Therefore drilling through such formations necessitates a strict control over annular pressure, which makes MPD one of the most sought after technologies today in the Drilling Industry. MPD aims to control the annular wellbore pressure profile while the well is being drilled with additional pressure control system.

The presentation included a case study on dynamic flow modeling in challenging MPD operation, explaining how complex drilling operation with very narrow pressure margins was made feasible through accurate dynamic flow model embedded with MPD. The operation, was carried out using wellBalanceTM, a solution from eDrilling for improved MPD control, constant bottom hole pressure modeling and monitoring during MPD-operations. wellBalanceTM provides real-time set points to the MPD control system, based on dynamic real-time simulation, calibrated against downhole measurements. It is complemented with an offline simulation tool to test and analyze operations and procedures. Implementation of wellBalanceTM technology is done by embedding a real time dynamic model into the 3rd party control system with input from the rig operation, to continuously update the ECD and temperature profile in the well. wellBalanceTM provides highly accurate and reliable pressure control system during complex drilling operations mainaining a bottomhole pressure within +/- 2.5 bars during all transient MPD operations. This unprecedented accuracy resulted in successfully completing the well and showcased use of MPD for wells with tight pressure margins.

The presentation received significant interest from the participant.

Please contact us at to request a copy of the presentation.

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